WHI – Simon Spurrier Has Issues!

Cover art from "V For Vendetta" by David Lloyd

Cover art from “V For Vendetta” by David Lloyd

To celebrate (and promote!) the launch of We Have Issues, Nick asked Simon Spurrier – writer of comics and novels alike – to talk a little about how he feels about comics.

Si talks about the representation of violence in stories, youthful pride, and the following books:

  • “Judgment On Gotham” by Alan Grant/John Wagner & Simon Bisley – link
  • “V For Vendetta” by Alan Moore & David Lloyd – link
  • “Nausicaa Of The Valley Of Wind” by Hayao Miyazaki – link
  • “Six Gun Gorilla” by Si Spurrier & Jeff Stokely – link
  • “Crossed: Wish You Were Here” by Si Spurrier & Fernando Melek – link

(Full Disclosure: Those links all go to Amazon, and if you spend any money there after following them, we get a little tiny teeny bit of money. Tuppence ha’penny to a tenner.)

Nick set these promotional mini episodes in motion because he thought they’d be fun, and they are! But Si Spurrier’s thoughts on V For Vendetta, comics as a medium, and violence in comics are whip-smart and above and beyond, and we’re incredibly grateful to him.

Thanks, Si! You’re great!

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