WHI – Ellen Starbuck (and Andy) Have Issues!

Cover art from "Morning Glories" by Joe Eisma

Cover art from “Morning Glories” by Joe Eisma

To celebrate (and promote!) the launch of We Have Issues, Nick asked Ellen Starbuck – writer, and soon to be star of her one woman show “Jean Luc Picard and Me” – to talk a little about why she likes comics, and some of the books that mean the most to her. Ellen and her boyfriend Andy agreed!

(You can find out more about who Ellen is and what she does at her site “It Feels Like A Movie“, or at Twitter. They didn’t tell me where you can find Andy.)

Comics, it turns out, are something Ellen and Andy are quite passionate about! They talked for a little over forty minutes, and pretty much all of it was fun, and the books they were excited about were all intriguing.

So, we decided to make two versions of their conversation available:

  • The short one, that’s going out on the podcast feed, as per original plan. You can listen to that using the player at the top of this post.
  • The long one, that’s a complete version of their conversation, available to download here at the site by following this link.

Among other things, Ellen and Andy talk about:

  • “Desolation Jones” by Warren Ellis & JH Williams III – link.
  • “Squee” by Jhonen Vasquez – link.
  • “Morning Glories” by Nick Spencer & Joe Eisma – link.
  • “Hawkeye” by Matt Fraction & David Aja/various – link.
  • “The Walking Dead” by Robert Kirkman & Tony Moore/Charlie Adlard – link.
  • “Sex Criminals” by Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky – link.
  • “Kochi Wanaba” by Jamie Smart – link.
  • “Y The Last Man” by Brian K Vaughan & Pia Guerra – link.

(Full Disclosure: Those links all go to Amazon, and if you spend any money there after following them, we get a little tiny teeny bit of money. Which all adds up in this economy, you know?)

Thanks so much to Ellen and Andy for doing this. You guys rock!

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