We Have Issues #1

"The Hive" by Charles Burns

Art from “The Hive” by Charles Burns

Introducing We Have Issues – the next weekly comicbook podcast recorded in Southampton, England, on Thursday nights.

Jane leaves the baby pool, Nick finds it embarrassing how bad he is, and they both talk about their relationship with comics.

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Show notes:
Spotlight: “The Hive” by Charles Burns – link
Eagle Magazine – Wikipedia
Laurel And Hardy comics – Google
Peter Hammerson – Tumblr
David Wynne – Tumblr
Michael Georgiou – link
Rachel And Miles Explain The X-Men – link
“Debbie’s Inferno” by Anne Emond – link

Show timings:
00:09:30 – Why Comics?

00:30:00 – Comic reviews:
00:30:00 – Debbie’s Inferno by Anne Emond
00:34:00 – The Storyteller – Witches #1 by Shane-Michael Viduarri
00:44:00 – Aliens: Fire And Stone #1 by Chris Roberson & Patric Reynolds/Dave Stewart

00:56:30 – Peter Hammerson: Event Management

00:59:30 – Spotlight: “The Hive” by Charles Burns


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