We Have Issues #98

A really weird one, this week – this was recorded LIVE at Twittercomic 2016!
The sound quality isn’t great and there’s lots of distraction, but there are a LOT of people on the mic – James, Nick, Jon and special guests George Beedham, David Wynne and Timothy Swann!

It was all for a great cause: Mind! And you can donate to them at justgiving.com/whi

Show Timings:
00:14:00 – Mousegard by David Petersen
00:28:00 – Finder by Carla Speed McNeil
00:49:30 – The Hunt #1-3 by Colin Lorimer/Joanna Lafuente
01:15:00 – Seven To Eternity #1 by Rick Remender & Jerome Opena

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