Twittercomic 2016 – Part 11

On October 16th, 2016, a house in Southampton, England hosted Twittercomic 2016. Comic creator extraordinaire David Wynne created a comic based entirely on ideas from Twitter (and his own brain) for 24 hours, and a gang of idiots and their friends broadcast audio to the internet around him while he did.

Twittercomic 2016 raised money for the mental health charity Mind, and up until the bitter end of 2016 you can still donate via

This is the eleventh section of the audio recording from that day.

Around the mic on this section were Jane, James, Nick, Steev Bishop, David Wynne and Jesse.

Up for discussion:
Jesse is lost on trains.
American dollars.
Plastic money.
Quite tired.
Toilet tweets.
The squatty potty.
The Bristol stool chart.
Awkward pauses.
Filling for time.
Yorkie bars were bigger – scientific proof.
Bremoaning about chocolate bars.
Hooked on cocoa.
Serious and boring is interesting.
Solving national obesity.
The asthma fairy.
Plastic brains.
Asthmatic breasts.
Fun size is a misnomer.
Dumb referendums.
If you could be any sort of puppet which sort of puppet would you be?
Drunk or Canadian?
Weeing standing up.
What does NCT mean?
What does “going clear” mean?
Toilet politics.
Toilet centipedes.
Wim Wenders off the X-Files.
Badger on Badger.
More geography.
Dinosaurs were big ducks.
Do ducks talk that way on purpose?
We’re better than ducks.
Mind Your Language
The worst of British pop culture entertainment.
Dream stories.
Evolving bands
Recursive Stewart Lee

William Burroughs and the Disposable Heroes
Public Enemy
First mention of pizza.

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