Twittercomic 2016 – Part 10

On October 16th, 2016, a house in Southampton, England hosted Twittercomic 2016. Comic creator extraordinaire David Wynne created a comic based entirely on ideas from Twitter (and his own brain) for 24 hours, and a gang of idiots and their friends broadcast audio to the internet around him while he did.

Twittercomic 2016 raised money for the mental health charity Mind, and up until the bitter end of 2016 you can still donate via

This is the tenth section of the audio recording from that day. Things started getting a bit… odd.

Around the mic on this section were Jane, James, Nick, Steev Bishop, David Wynne, Michael Georgiou and Jesse.

Up for discussion:
Nick loses his composure.
Ginger love
Young teachers
Friends/Rugrats/Happy Days/Last Of The Summer Wine/Grease theories
Is John Travolta gay or aggressively bisexual?
Do Canadians like the Royal Family?
Do other countries even have swans?
Canadians are practically American.
Matthew Perry.
Bottle episodes.
Red Letter Media’s Plinket review of The Force Awakens
“All Savile’d up in the hizoo.”

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