We Have Issues Special Presentation: MOMBcast #08!

Hi, all!

It’s apparently Podcast Day! Which is a totally made up thing that someone decided to make up! We aren’t complaining, though, because it gives us a chance to exploit someone else’s idea to promote our own brand.

However, our podcast doesn’t actually come out on Wednesdays, and we learned about this far too late to do anything special for it, so in a moment of inspiration – and because he’s such a sentimental old idiot – James suggested we show you all the first time when James, Jane and Nick (and Jon!) all podcasted together, for the first time, on a podcast, together!

It happened way back in MOMBcast episode 8, which was first posted on the 13th of November, 2009. At that point we were recording in James’ spare room, huddled around a Zoom H4n recorder… you’ll probably be surprised by how little our audio quality or podcasting skills have changed now that we’re six years on and in a studio.

These are the show notes from that episode:

We get long in pod 8… Really long, talking about women and comics as well as children too. We even feature shiny new pod Monkey Jane, a real life lady. We stand and stare at our spinning orders and Jon spotlights The Escapists.

Focus is not our motto.

Buy The Escapists.
Outro by The Inspiral Carpets.

“A real life lady”. God, I hope it was James who wrote that.

All episodes of the MOMBcast are still available to listen to over at MOMBcomics.com, including this one, which was here.

And if you like hearing this episode from the archive, tell us! Sharing some of these on the new site is something we’re always toying with, but we’ve no idea whether there’s any demand for it, yet.

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