We Have Issues #85

Nick and James are not in their element or in a studio. James talks about Asterix, Robert Hedley and Max Barnard drop in to deliver lovely contributions into the middle of this horrorshow.

Show Timings
00:12:30 – Max Barnard: SONIC MONTH!
00:16:30 – Spotlight: Asterix and the Black Gold by Alberto Uderzo
00:27:30 – Robert Hedley!
00:27:30 – Transformers: Till All Are One #2 by Mairghread Scott & Sara Pitre-Durocher
00:29:00 – KFC: Colonel Corps by Tony Bedard & Tom Derenick/Trevor Scott – link to get it free here
00:30:00 – Giant Days #16 by John Allison & Max Sarin

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