We Have Issues #40

whi-040 - Airboy #3 detail by Greg Hinkle - alt

whi-040 – Airboy #3 detail by Greg Hinkle – alt

[CONTENT WARNING: The sound quality takes a really bad dip downwards around the 22 minute mark in this episode. We’re going to try and fix it but it won’t be for a few days, and may not work out. Sorry!]

Nick and Jane finally explain creation, the origin of our species, God, and some comics.

Also Timothy Swann talks about the psychology of being Captain America.

Show Timings

00:23:00 – This week’s comics:
00:23:00 – Midnighter #3 by Steve Orlando & Aco
00:29:00 – Airboy #3 by James Robinson & Greg Hinkle
00:37:00 – The Spire #2 by Simon Spurrier & Jeff Stokely

00:46:00 – Timothy Swann: “Psycho Logic #5 – Captain America”

00:59:00 – Spotlight: Velvet vol 1 by Ed Brubaker & Steve Epting

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