We Have Issues #126

Nick returns to commemorate a Very Special Birthday, and is pretty rusty. Peter Hammerson drops in with a contribution!

Nick to explain Kieron Gillen to his therapist.

Show Timings:
00:04:30 – Peter Hammerson on:
Angor vol 1 by Jean-Charles Gaudin & Dimitri Armand/Ariatib (translated by Christina Cox-De Ravel)
Chronicles Of The Dragon Knights vol 1 by Ange & Alberto Varanda/Crazy Toons (translated by Edward Gauvin)
00:15:00 – Kino #10-14 by Alex Paknadel & Diego Galindo/Adam Guzowski & Jim Campbell
00:28:30 – Die #1-4 by Kieron Gillen & Stephanie Hans & Clayton Cowles

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