We Have Issues #121

Nick gets excited about a lack of incident in comix, and decides to talk about children’s books. George Beedham talks about an old and depressing classic, Robert Hedley begins his retrospective on the comic work of Greg Rucka.

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“Pure Of Heart” by Lauren Womack can be read at tapas.io/series/Pureofheart

Show timings:
00:05:00 – Robert Hedley’s Greg Rucka Retrospective part 1: “Whiteout vol 1” by Greg Rucka & Steve Lieber
00:08:30 – Pure Of Heart by Lauren Womack
00:13:00 – The Shadow #1 by Simon Spurrier & Dan Watters/Daniel HDR
00:26:00 – George Beedham on “When The Wind Blows” by Raymond Briggs
00:30:00 – Childrens’ books: “The Pirates Next Door” Jonny Duddle

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