Twittercomic 2016 – Part 13

On October 16th, 2016, a house in Southampton, England hosted Twittercomic 2016. Comic creator extraordinaire David Wynne created a comic based entirely on ideas from Twitter (and his own brain) for 24 hours, and a gang of idiots and their friends broadcast audio to the internet around him while he did.

Twittercomic 2016 raised money for the mental health charity Mind, and up until the bitter end of 2016 you can still donate via

This is the thirteenth section of the audio recording from that day. It’s the first time in the process that we’ve ever had to check whether one of our party is still alive.

Around the mic on this section were James, Nick, Mike Georgiou and David Wynne.

Being discussed:
The lost art of letter writing.
Led Zeppelin quiz.
Email from the BBC: We’re the new Bake Off!
Reviewing our pizza on Just Eat.
James’s bad bathroom.
Is Jesse still breathing?
Overhearing people having sex.
More bad geography.
Trump wanted to fuck Lindsay Lohan when she was younger.
Have you ever won anything?
Personality types.
Middle class crusties.
Meat Hamper.
Routes into comics.

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