Hosting Fundraiser for the Next Two Years at The Other Ten Percent/We Have Issues!

[Edit: We made our target on Friday 13th-ish! Thankyou to everyone who donated… you’re all awesome!]

Listener, hello!

I know this is a fundraiser for The Other Ten Percent in general, but let’s be honest, We Have Issues is pretty much the only thing we do here at the moment, so “listener” it is…

We’re currently raising money to cover our web-hosting up until May 2018. If you enjoy the show, and have a little bit of time and money for supporting such things, please take a look at the details below.

If you want to support the site and show, but aren’t able to donate, please consider telling your friends about us, or sharing this fundraiser with anybody who may be interested.

(And remember there’s always the Patreon!)

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