We Have Issues #109

Nick hasn’t read any comics and hasn’t paid any attention to anything that happened in comics this week.

Luckily he’s backed up by:
Peter Hammerson on Transformers: Lost Light #1 by James Roberts & Jack Lawrence
Max Barnard on his relationship with Spawn by Todd McFarlane et al Read more

Twittercomic 2016 – Part 16 – The end!

On October 16th, 2016, a house in Southampton, England hosted Twittercomic 2016. Comic creator extraordinaire David Wynne created a comic based entirely on ideas from Twitter (and his own brain) for 24 hours, and a gang of idiots and their friends broadcast audio to the internet around him while he did. This is the sixteenth and final section of the audio recording from that day. Listen in and see who got the last word! Read more